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I have a 2015 Trail Hawk that came with a small crack in the instrument cluster and spread across the entire corner of the right side where the speedometer is. When I noticed the crack it was about 10 days after owning the car in Oct of 2015. I brought the car back in May for warranty work and the crack had spread across the cluster about half way but just in the right hand corner at the bottom. It had 7900 miles on it and Jeep refused to fix it stating it could have been done by me. There are no marks on the panel just the small crack that is in the corner of the bezel. I am trying at the moment to plead my case with Chrysler and get them to accept responsibility for this as a factory defect not an act of abuse as their service manager at Autonation has stated in Spring TX. They never took the bezel apart just looked at it and stated "we're not fixing it because Jeep won't reimburse us for this part. They wanted to charge me 1600. to fix it.

The customer service at jeep has been good but right now up until today there is no resolution as to who will pay for the cost of this repair. I find that Chrysler should be responsible for the repair so man up & accept responsibility. so much for 36000 or 3 years on a brand new car. I'm now waiting for their reply after the service dept at Chrysler has now sent them digital pics of the crack to analyze. Buyer beware of this loophole, if it involves any part of the interior that they can deem abuse (true or not) you're getting stuck with the repair, their fault or not. This is the way Jeep service told me they deal with these matter because Chrysler won't reimburse them for the repair after they do the work. This is right from Jeep. I'll let you know what they decide. Thanks for reading I hope this helps any of you who have a similar claim.
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