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2015 or 2016?

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Howdy! So my requirements/wants are 4WD and MySky, Lat or Ltd, in Red, Blue or Yellow. Still slim pickins within 200 miles of Western NC, but I'm looking to buy closer to the end of the year. I'm just anxious to located one that I like, and then obsess and monitor the dealership daily, hoping it doesn't sell.

Anyway, asked my buddy at the dealership closest to me when there'd be more inventory on the lot with the options I want, and he said by Labor Day, then said he didn't know if they'd be '15s or '16s. Anyone have insight on how long the '15s will be produced? As tough as it is to wait, I was thinking that by December or January, I might get a better deal/financing incentive to take a 15 off the lot and make room for a 16.

Thanks in advance.. great forum... and enjoy living vicariously through the rest of the owners.
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I was told by a friend that that has sold Chrysler, Jeep, Dodges for over 25 years that even the dealership owner has no idea what is going on with the Renegade. It's the first of the Chrysler/Fiat merger. He did say though that typically with the late launch of the 2015 it would most likely be a late 2016 launch.

Hope that helps!
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