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I just bought a new 2015 Trail Hawk two days ago. I seen it while checking the local dealers web page. I went over to look at it and did not see it on the lot, so went in to ask a salesman. They brought it around front for a test drive. It still had shipping stickers on it, the salesman said they had just got it in and hadn’t had time to clean it up. I said it’s a 2015, where has it been? He said it’s made in Italy and takes a long time to get here. I said almost a year to ship, it must have gotten lost in the shipping yard. He didn’t reply, and I didn’t push it.

So my question is why would this vehicle take so long to arrive? I came up with a couple reasons, but thought I would ask the forum.

My reasons are: It really did get lost somewhere or it was damaged during shipping and went back to the factory for repairs. Or was at another dealership where it did not sell or dealership went out of business.

It had 55 miles on it when I test drove it, which I thought was strange since they had just received it. The build date is 5/15. I looked up the build sheet and it said it was built for the Phoenix Arizona area, which is where I live. Another clue, the owners manual is a 2016 manual. The dealership had fifteen 2016 renegades, none of those were the Trail Hawk model.

Any ideas why this took so long to arrive here? So far I love it, rides nice out in the desert and on the highway, which is what I wanted.
Could have been a trade from another dealer. Probably just a leftover 15. That happens all the time. I wouldn't worry about it.
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