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2015 Trailhawk skid plate bolts snapped

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Most of the 10 mm bolts have snapped. Appears they were crossthreaded by dealer during past oil changes. Can I drill and Tap & die? What’s the solution. Taking down skid plate is not a big deal. But if bolts are going to rust anyways, there must be a better solution. Please advise. Or share same problem
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In the case of my 2021 Trailhawk, I've got a Valkyrie skid plate in the garage waiting to be installed during the next dealer oil change. (They weren't able to install it at the one-year point because Valkyrie hadn't sent the bolt spacers.)

I want that skid plate mainly to have access to the oil filter and drain through the access plates, without having to drop the skid plate.

I do my oil changes
How do you drop and re-install that skid plate?
I drive the front wheels onto Race Ramps
Ha! I happen to have a set of Race Ramps. Great tool. I use it to change oil in my 2009 VW GLI, because it's slightly lowered compared to a normal Jetta and pretty tight under there.

But with my wife's 2009 2.5 Jetta, I've got enough room to get under from the front when it's on the ground and reach back to get to the oil drain plug.

But it always freaks me out driving up on ramps, even if I have to. I dropped the GLI off the side of steel ramps once, and will never forget that... o_O

I'd also be scared, at my age, that I won't have the strength to lower and then raise the skid plate that's right above my face... "Help, Honey-y-y-y!!!!"
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i have been driving on ramps, then using a floor jack and a piece of wood. Raise the jack, with wood on the pad, up to the skid plate. Remove all the bolts, lower the jack and pull it out. Push it back under and loosley install all bolts then tighten them, lower and remove jack.
Sounds like way too much work for changing oil. :)

Marek, mind sharing where you got that aftermarket skid plate?
I got it directly from Valkyrie through their web site. Different plates for the Renegade vs. Trailhawk, I assume because of the bumper shapes. Price, of course, has gone up since I got the plate over a year ago:

Renegade Front Skid Plate - Valkyrie Off Road Gear

I've seen some info that they haven't been real resonsive lately. Wonder if they're having business difficulties...

Like I said, I don't have the skid plate installed yet -- still under warranty with dealer oil changes. But you can see the small access plates in the photo on the web page. Hopefully I'll be able to get to the plug and filter by just crawling under the Trailhawk, seeing how high it is.
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