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2016 Renegade Dawn of Justice Edition (Batman v Superman)

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New forum poster but have been following the forums for some time. I have been going back and forth deciding on the purchase of a renegade when i stumbled onto this today.....

True car finally updated their site for the 2016 jeep renegades and has a Jeep Renegade Justice Trim Level? anyone know what this might entail?

also listed under the 2016 options of true car it has

My Sky Fixed/Removable Roof Panels
-inc: 75th Anniversary Badge, Tires: P225/55R18 AS, Tangerine Interior Accents, Vinyl Door Trim Panel, Wheels: 18" x 7.0" Aluminum Bronze w/Orange, Bronze Grille Surrounds, Beats Premium Audio System, Bronze Fascia Applique, Bronze Roof Rails, Jeep Bronze Badging, Jeep 75th Anniversary Package

Could this be jeep cooking up something for their 75th anniversary. If so i wish there was something better than bronze accents haha
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For those of you who don't care about the special Dawn of Justice badging and just like all the black detailing, from what I can tell, the current "Altitude" edition is the exact same car as the "Dawn of Justice" edition, except that it comes in more colors and doesn't have the Dawn of Justice badge. The Altitude's wheels are gloss black, the "Jeep" and "4x4" badging is black, the interior is all black, and the seats are exactly the same as the Dawn of Justice edition as well. Essentially, you could just get a black Altitude and have your Dawn of Justice edition (just without the shield). My "Dawn of Justice" edition is "hypergreen," which I absolutely adore with the black wheels and badging! :D
When I was shopping I saw the hyper green on line only and thought it looked rather millennial but seeing it with the black rims makes me change my mind. That looks rather sleek and rugged.
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