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2016 Trailhawk - Engine and Transmission Warning Lights

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Hi, We've seen responses from users as well as Jeep on the forum and we need some help.

We have a 2016 Jeep Renegade Trailhawk with around 60,000 miles.
Last summer after driving at highway speeds we had the engine and transmission lights come on. We found codes P1DB7 and P1D8F using a code reader.

P1DB7 is Torque Converter Clutch performance.
P1D8F is Incorrect Gear Ratio Clutch 1 defective.

The first time this happened, after getting off of the interstate, it wouldn't go above 24-30 mph which seems to be limp home mode. It sat for an hour or so and then drove fine but it had the codes.

We took it to the dealership since it was still under warranty. They diagnosed the codes they found (the same) and did a "software update & quick learn" and then drove it around again to see if the codes came back, which they didn't. They told us the software update fixed it.

Six months later we had the lights and the codes come back, but no limp home mode this time. We took it to a different dealer who checked it and said that since it wasn't driving badly, it was a software thing and they would reset it, but again they didn't fix it.

It drove fine for another few months until another road trip and now the lights came on again - this time again, it was driving fine. A mechanic said the fluid looks bad and it needs at least to be flushed, and if that doesn't work, it needs to have the transmission replaced.

I've heard that it's a sealed transmission so it can't really be "serviced", and I've also heard that mechanics (not consumers) have some way to check the fluid level, but I'm not sure how.

1. With all of the "replace the transmission" talk - what is actually going wrong with the transmissions that they need to be replaced? On a normal transmission, they should get a lot more mileage.
2. If it drives fine, but the lights and codes come on, could it be some kind of sensor or electronic issue? Computer issue?
3. Does flushing the transmission fluid fix the problem? Normally, about 60k would be a reasonable time to do that, right?
4. Is there anyone on here from Jeep that can help?

Thank you!
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I have the same issues with my Jeep Renegade 2017! And they told me the same thing with a whole new transmission! Started coming on around the same mileage too! Unforutanely paying almost 10k for a new transmission for the year and mileage of the car seems ridiculous! So I've been only using it for short distance and important places to get too. Don't go over certain miles away because it triggers the check engine and transmission lights. Slow acceleration as well. Did you ever get this issue fixed?
So sorry to hear this, dmata7! If you continue to experience concerns, we'd suggest a visit to your preferred Jeep dealership. Let us know if you decide to go that route and need any support.

Jeep Cares
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