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2017 Jeep Renegade DesertHawk - Towing?

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I purchased a Jeep Renegade 2017 DesertHawk a few months ago and I’m looking for any advice I can get about possible towing options from this group.
It’s a 2.4 L Tigershark engine and I’m aware of the 2000 lb towing capacity. Could anyone recommend a compatible cargo trailer? I’m moving to New Brunswick and wanting a cargo to help me with the move.

Has anyone had any success with this? Failures?

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Search for my posts on trailering. There are a few and your car will pull a lot better than you think it will dependant on engine size. Mine is Renny 2.0l 4x4
I proved by accident that my Jeep can pull almost double the recommended weight.

However I fully understand that there is a safety factor of usually around 50% or a little higher dependant on circumstances on which the maximum gross weight is defined. Please do not exceed that limit knowingly as the negative outcomes could have far reaching circumstances beyond your control. Death of you and or others as a worst case scenario. There go I but for the grace of God.

What distance are you expected to cover and what weight of domestic items are you moving? 2000lb is around 900kg or just short of 1 metric tonne. That needs in the UK a trailer with a brake. US Laws I have no idea of the equivalent.

750kg overall weight of trailer and load in the UK requires a braked trailer so if your load is anymore than that may I suggest that a truck is a better option?

Should it be be that you have a braked trailer then at the least carry with you a spare "Hub" with a fully fitted wheel bearing and a spare wheel/tyre, just in case of emergency purposes and that you stop and check your wheel nuts every 150 miles.

Regular checks should be carried out if using "Cargo straps" to cross secure your load. Accidents do happen but you can minimise them if using a trailer.

The choice is yours. (y)(y)(y)
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Its the total combined weight of the trailer and it's load that I am mindful of in the UK. 750KG is the maximum for an unbraked trailer.
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