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Hi, all.

I purchased a 12+8 cord to bypass the SGW so I could (theoretically) disable the seat belt chime. I connected the cord to the wires pulled from the SGW and put my OBDLink MX BT at the other end. All checks out, and I'm able to connect to IP computer, body computer, etc...those not requiring the MultiECUScan adaptors (they're on the way, though).

I'm able to complete some tasks in the IP computer section, but when I attempt to go to the "Seat belt warning disable" option of the IP, wjen I hit "Start," I am getting an error message saying "Failed. The ECU has detected that the request contains parameters with values outside allowable range."

Has anyone else seen this? Something I'm not doing? I want to disable the nanny chime, and I was under the impression that I would have to go this route if I wanted to.

Appreciate help from those who can.

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