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2019 2.4L Renegade latitude leaking oil

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My renegade has just over 26,600 miles on it and is due for an oil change at about 27,000. I got an oil change around 21,000 miles and the guy did not properly put back on the oil filter so I had blow back underneath the entire part of my car and up the tailgate because I travel. I went back and had them redo it and everything seemed fine but now that I am coming up to for another oil change I have noticed the oil filter looks like it is leaking. I do not see anything on or around it that looks like it would have obstructed it or caused it to leak so I’m wondering if the oil filter is a common thing to be leaking for this engine.? I know the 1.3L has issues with the housing. Or do the filters just leak when it’s time to change the oil? The oil level is also half way down on the dipstick but that doesn’t raise too many flags.. I think.
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