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2019 4x4 “s”?

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I just got a brand new Renegade after trading in my Patriot with almost 200k. The model I Purchased is a limited with the high altitude package but the rear badging has 4x4 and then an “s” on the other side. Is this a typical setup for the Renegade? I can find videos on the s, but everything is in Europe. I am guessing the “s” is just blacked out trim wheels headliner etc.
Any info would be good to know, thanks
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i just got my jeep on new years even and it is the same as yours except it is FWD. I have been wondering the same thing about this jeep considering it is really hard to find any information on it online. I was going to take care of it regardless but i wanna know if i need to take good care of it know what i mean
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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