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2020 Renegade Ride is hard as hell

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After having our Renegade about a year now my wife has had enough. Is there ANYTHING that will make this SOB ride a little softer? Hell the damn thing rides like a tank and the shitty town we live in has horrible roads that haven't been repaved in decades. I wa sgoing to install a 2" lift on it but then i read that would make the ride even stiffer. Then I thought maybe air ride would help..NOPE evryone says that sucks as well. Does anyone have any suggestions? If we cant get this ******* to ride a bit softer then we are getting rid of it. Thanks in advance.
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Interesting... I've had our 2021 Renegade Trailhawk for a couple days now (with Falken WildPeak A/T Trail tires), and I haven't noticed the suspension is very hard at all.

Just the opposite, in fact. We've got a couple of dips with DIP warning signs in the main road of our neighborhood for draining rainwater (this is Colorado), and I have to be real careful going over them with my 2009 VW GLI so my teeth don't get knocked out. Less so with my wife's 2009 Jetta, but still have to slow way down.

I hardly noticed the dips with the Trailhawk... Maybe it's because of the greater overall diameter of the tires, or the fact that the tires have a taller aspect ratio and thus cushion more...
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