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2020 Renegade Ride is hard as hell

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After having our Renegade about a year now my wife has had enough. Is there ANYTHING that will make this SOB ride a little softer? Hell the damn thing rides like a tank and the shitty town we live in has horrible roads that haven't been repaved in decades. I wa sgoing to install a 2" lift on it but then i read that would make the ride even stiffer. Then I thought maybe air ride would help..NOPE evryone says that sucks as well. Does anyone have any suggestions? If we cant get this ******* to ride a bit softer then we are getting rid of it. Thanks in advance.
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Put new tires on and it made a huge difference. The factory Kumho tires were hard and had poor traction. I bought some middle-of-the-pack tires (Courser Quest Plus) and now the expansion joints aren't as bad, my teeth don't feel like they are going to rattle out, and the tires don't slip so much in the wet or snow, even the wheel hop with the torque steer is better. I am really surprised by the improvement and like it.
I went to the different route on tires, I didn't mind the Kumho Crugen Premium 18's but yesterday I took delivery of 4 Yokohama Avid GT 18" which I paid $164 a piece through Amazon and I also did a MPG reading and also a DB reading headed to the Tire Shop this morning on the way I was averaging 26 mpg @77mph @74db on the way back home with the Yokohama I was averaging 29.5 mpg @77mph and a whopping @65db handling is far superior as well. Can't wait for our trip into Zion National Park and maybe sneak up to Moab for EJS. Now wish this crappy cold weather would leave Texas so I can clean up the Renegade !
I came to this forum with the same problem - 2016 Jeep Renegade latitude 1.4L 6spd MTX and the ride on this thing is harsh as hell. Yes short wheel base and sporty tuning are part of it (and the low-end-of-the-market body ringing and rattling don't help), but has anyone tried another shock/strut? I forget what tires we have, but my guess is they are a hard, fuel-economy focused design and not helping either. Thanks!
Bilstein has a couple great options for struts now !!!
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