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2020 Renegade Ride is hard as hell

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After having our Renegade about a year now my wife has had enough. Is there ANYTHING that will make this SOB ride a little softer? Hell the damn thing rides like a tank and the shitty town we live in has horrible roads that haven't been repaved in decades. I wa sgoing to install a 2" lift on it but then i read that would make the ride even stiffer. Then I thought maybe air ride would help..NOPE evryone says that sucks as well. Does anyone have any suggestions? If we cant get this ******* to ride a bit softer then we are getting rid of it. Thanks in advance.
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Yeah we bought it brand new almost a year ago. My wife has put less than 4,000 miles on it since then because she only works 5 minutes from home. I am now leaning towards getting fatter tires and I don't even care how it will look either. Have any idea what the fattest tire is that I can slap on those 17" rims? The stock Dunlop tires are 205/60's.
Try this
I have no issues with my stock 2015 diesel 2.0L 4x4.
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