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2021 renegade limited DIC cluster

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All.....just and FYI for anyone purchasing a 2021 renegade with the upgraded dash display that usually comes with the 1.3 Turbo motor.....the display will randomly blink out....for me this only happens at highway speed....I’m attaching a screenshot of it from a video I took while it was doing it......took it to the dealer...apparently several other people across the country are having this problem as a STAR case has been opened about it. Dealer says that a software upgrade to fix this should be out in the second quarter.
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And yes check engine light is on but this has nothing to do with the dash.....CEL has been resolved
No your not seeing things....when I first saw it I thought WTF....a new car and it’s doing this...🤬.....I will defiantly post something when I get a resolution from the dealer...which as I mentioned should be in the 2nd quarter this hopefully by late may or early June
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Hey all….

I’m posting this in regard to the above mentioned issue of the DIC blinking out randomly on my 2021 renegade unlimited. There is now a software update out from Chrysler that correct this problem. Anyone who has the 1.3 L engine or the above display in the picture if you go to your local jeep dealer they will do a software update it corrects the problem of the dash intermittently blinking out. Had mine done two days ago….No issues since then… Just an FYI for you all out there.
Sorry I didn’t think to include that. The TSB# is
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