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2022 1.3 turbo 9speed won’t shift past 7th gear

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Hey new here. I have a 2022 renegade that has the 1.3 turbo when driving on interstate at hwy speeds vehicle won’t shift past 7th unless manually done. When put back into drive it down shifts back to 7th gear. Is this common or do I need to take it in for repair?
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I also have a 2022 Limited with the same engine and tranny….. mine does the same thing at highway speed…. I questioned the service people at my dealership and they say this is normal… Like you the only way to make it go in the eighth or nine is to go way faster or manually shift it… Sometimes on the highway if I’m driving on a very flat surface, I will manually shift it into 8th, rarely into 9th as it really bothers the engine down if you do… But even cruising at highway speeds in seventh I’m still knocking down 30 miles to the gallon with four-wheel-drive so I can’t complain…. interestingly, I didn’t test it to see if manually putting it in eighth gear would make a difference on highway mileage and In fact, it makes it slightly worse so seventh gear must be the engines sweet spot
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