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2022 1.3 turbo 9speed won’t shift past 7th gear

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Hey new here. I have a 2022 renegade that has the 1.3 turbo when driving on interstate at hwy speeds vehicle won’t shift past 7th unless manually done. When put back into drive it down shifts back to 7th gear. Is this common or do I need to take it in for repair?
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Couple (OK, three) things here...

First, various Renegade models have various final-drive ratios, and that may affect what gear is used for a particular speed.

Second, I'd have to ask what "highway speed" is. My 2021 Trailhawk -- with the 1.3T engine and 948TE 9-speed auto transmission -- will cruise at 80 MPH in 8th gear, turning at about 2,500 RPM. That's pretty relaxed for an engine speed.

Third, according to the Owner's Manual:
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I've never seen 9th gear.

That having been said, there have been other members complaining of the same thing...

So why have nine gears? Well, maybe as IronMike3406 indicated...on the Autobahn A9 north toward Nürnberg:

New Jeep Renegade 2021 Limited Acceleration Top Speed Autobahn POV Test Drive - YouTube

The guy hits 200 km/h (almost 125 MPH) at 4:00. Engine is turning at 3,500 RPM. This was a 2.0L diesel; we don't know which gear he's in at the time...
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