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What's the stock tire?

255mm is pretty wide, and with a 75% ratio is pretty tall.

Just for reference, I have 255/50/17 on my '95 Impala, and that tire has a contact patch close to 10" wide, and the tire itself is over 10" wide.

A comparison, stock Trailhawk tire, your requested tire, and the tire I mentioned for my Impala:

Specification  Sidewall  Radius  Diameter  Circumference  Revs/Mile  Difference
215/65-17         5.5in  14.0in    28.0in         88.0in        720        0.0%
255/75-17         7.5in  16.0in    32.1in        100.7in        629       14.5%
255/50-17         5.0in  13.5in    27.0in         84.9in        746       -3.4%
I would be very surprised if that tire fits. It's a 32" tire, four inches bigger than the stock 28" tire on the Trailhawk which already has better clearance than the Latitude and itself has trouble with bigger tires.
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