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I truly love my Rene. It's a fun vehicle,that's different. I've got a Lat, auto, My Sky etc. With that being said, I've had it for almost four months and thus far i've had a couple of issues. None that make me regret my purchase, but none the less i've still had issues. I am at 7,000 miles.

-My gas mileage is awful. Avg 22. 24 on the highway lol. Feels like I am pumping gas every two days!
-My power seat is dead. I believe it's the power switch, I've yet to check the fuses though. I will probably take it up to the dealer once my oil light comes on.
-Uconnect sometimes randomly doesn't work. This hasn't happened in a month or so, but occasionally it would tell me that the sound system was "unavailable".
-Sirius seems to drop frequently when driving under or around anything (like in the city). This isn't a big deal, i've never had sat radio so I am not sure what to expect in this regard.
-Sometimes the breaks squeal.

I have a 2015 Rene, purchased new on May 2nd. Like I said, I love it! It's truly awesome taking off the roof and heading to the Jersey Shore haha. So far we've been on three road trips. Kentucky in May (from Philly), Washington D.C. last weekend and we are driving to Montreal tomorrow!

Has anyone had experience with the power seat dying and simply not working?
Also, I did post a video on Youtube of my rene if you want to check it out. It's a vlog, so if you don't want to listen to me talk, skip to two minutes in! >:D
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