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75th Edition - Low Gloss Bronze paint match

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I'm looking to paint my cross bars low gloss bronze to match the rest of the car, has anyone found a good paint match for this color? Any pics?!
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I dont have any experience with wrapping so I figured painting it would be cheap and easy. I actually bought at Home Depot yesterday a color called "flat chestnut." It's a low glass metallic. I held the colored cap next to the roof rails as soon as I got outside, expecting it would probably be off a little and to my surprise it's almost exact! So if it dries the color of the cap I think I found a winner. I will post pics once I paint. Hopefully by next weekend.
That's the one! I haven't tried it out yet.
It isn't that great of a match. I decided to use a low glass enamel in black. It's been to humid to do anything but hopefully I can paint sometime soon.
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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