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75th Edition - Low Gloss Bronze paint match

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I'm looking to paint my cross bars low gloss bronze to match the rest of the car, has anyone found a good paint match for this color? Any pics?!
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Powdercoat Low Bronze Gloss

I have a 2016 Mojave Sand 75th Special Addition .All the Jeep's that have the Bronze color on there wheels,trim,and grille were made By TCI Powder coating .They were the one that got the color mixture for the Jeep Product . You have to go thru your local Powder coating place and have them order what you need. That's the only way to get in. Comes in 1/3/5 lb bags. I bought a 5 lb bag for $140 Perfect Jeep Bronze match. [/B]


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1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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