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Engine replaced at 33,000.00 it was burning oil and jeep tried to say it was normal and ok. Worst customer service ever. They even tried to blame it on my daughter. Pathetic
If its the 1.4T, it must have really been guzzling oil, as that one does normally use a lot of oil if you rev it out at lot. Manual showed allowable consumption of around a quart every thousand miles if memory serves. So to fix that as a warranty issue, they have to charge you for an oil change, put on a special locking oil fill cap and drain plug or something to that effect from what dealer told me, drive it a few thousand miles, drain it, and measure the volume. My 1.4T has been very reliable, and doesn't use THAT much oil, but does regularly need topping off. Not enough blowby to cause a smokey exhaust though.
21 - 27 of 27 Posts