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Thursday morning I got up and called Ian at Lithia in Kennewick, WA and told him I would be in to buy a Renegade. I showed up at about noon and told them I had decided on a black 4WD Latitude.

Now here is where the story starts. I had been doing quite a bit of research over the last week and had located 4 or so just like we wanted, with on being in La Grannde, Or. La Grande is about 120 miles from here and there were a couple closer than that but I told them I wanted that one.....he he, my son and his wife live in La Grande and have a very new baby girl. So if we bought that one, I could go along to get the Renegade and get to see my grand baby girl.

SCORE! They traded one and I jumped in the car with the salesman and headed to La Grande to pick up our Renegade and see my little sweetheart.

The Jeep:

And our little baby girl:

Really good to get a new Jeep, but nothing beats time with grandkids....!!
Fabulous story and Congrats on that beautiful Granddaughter and the New Baby Jeep!!
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