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Thank you - it was almost like dried in rain spots on the windshield. We used rubbing alcohol and it seemed to come off - but there were some spots still there. While at the dealer, my son noticed all the Renegades on the lot had the same stuff on them. It seems a little odd.

Well, one possibility is that it is transport fallout of some sort. The reason you see cars so plastic wrapped now is that a lot of cars were picking up soot/ash near certain stretches of rail lines and when mixed with moisture, it was oxidizing paint and causing a lot of warranty issues for the finish on new cars.

It may also be that whatever the dealer's shiny car crew hits the lots with has some kind of "wax" additive in it, and they just spray it like madmen and it is now dried on your windshield. I know mine dispense tire shine form a garden sprayer with abandon and get it on all sorts of things you don't want it on.

If that's the case, try a cleaner that strips wax, a microfiber towel, and some elbow grease.

Also, pics would be useful to make sure we are imagining what you are talking about.
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