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I finally had some time to install an old amp & sub from a previous vehicle... thought I'd share with you all...

Purchased a PAC SNI-35 Line Out Converter (LOC) to install behind the head unit.

I've seen a few people here install the LOC along the channel that runs along the floor but I figure once we get uConnect compatible head units I'll already have the RCA back there ready to plug in.

I spliced the LOC into the Rear Right & Left channels. Then ran my RCA cable down and routed to the driver side channel on the floor (I like how the factory harness has each pair twisted.)

Here I fished my 4 Gauge power wire down the firewall and through a grommet behind the brake pedal.

Here the power and RCA cables run along the channel all the way to the back behind the grill in the trunk/cargo space

Reading through another thread here I found that there is a wire that you can tap to use as a remote to signal the amp to turn on. I also 'mounted' (zip-tied) my amp (Alpine MRV500) in this space as well.

All done... Amp is nicely hidden and secure and I've got my tunes bumpin' nicely.

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