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Here are the status codes in case you got it from your dealer or VOTS (tried to format this nicely but the editor wasn't cooperating - sorry if it looks like ass)


BX – good order available for scheduling
BB – fleet order only – review by bid department
BD – special equipment processing
BE – edit error – coding error which must be corrected before order can be scheduled
BG – order has passes edit but cannot be scheduled regardless of sold status

Reason Codes:

F – finance hold – automatic cancellation after 15 days
B – model or option build out
L – material restriction
M – material hold (fleet)
ZA – canceled order


C – tentative schedule
D – firm schedule: serial number assigned, approx time in station – 5 days
D1 – gateline: unit sequenced for production, est ship date assigned, Approx time in station – 12 days


E – framing
F – paint
G – trim


I – unit built, pending final inspection
J – vehicle passed final inspection but not released to carrier
JB – shipped to body vendor
JE – shipped to emissions
JJ – consigned to body vendor
JS – shipped to storage
KZ – released by plant and invoiced

Traffic Codes:

KZ L – released but not shipped KZ M – first rail departure
KZ N – first rail arrival
KZ O – delayed/received
KZ OA – plant hold, quality audit
KZ OB – zone, dealer, sales, vehicle prep, tax, diversion or derailment hold, dealer refusal, vehicle diverted
KZ OC – carrier delay, strike-bound, emission or safety hold, rail car shortage, bad or insufficient load, inclement weather, need shipping order, manifest error
KZ OD – mechanical failure, glass damage, vehicle in repair, lacking parts or storage hold
KZ OE – misdropped or misshipped vehicle
KZ OF – shipped air freight, stolen vehicle recovered, show vehicle, test info code, vessel sailed
KZ OG – damaged vehicle, stolen vehicle, abandon to carrier, vehicle scrapped, donate vehicle, repair and auction
KZ OH – all other “O” type carrier codes
KZ T – second rail departure
KZ U – second rail arrival
KZ X – delivered to dealer
KZ Y1 – major damage – must not be sold as new
KZ Y2 – major damage – vehicle sold at auction

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I am in Canada so not sure if VOTS would work for me. I entered info... but just sat error. I did hear from dealer that mine is in BX status. I did order with My Sky too
Checked my VON and I get the same results. Googled around and it turns out that VOTS has been useless for a while now.


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So odd that your dealers are saying they can't order, Hdreserve. All Jeep dealerships have the ability now. I'm in Utah, have been to 5 dearships in this area, and they all offered for me to order what I want. It might be worth you calling dealerships outside your area, even if that means you'll have to drive a distance to pick it up.

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Where did you'll order yours through? My dealer said they are unable to order them now........
Dealers should have received a menu the first week of April indicating that custom ordering is now available through VOIM. If they are unable to order it, they should contact FCA to provide assistance. If they refuse, find a better dealer.

My order was placed through Merrick Jeep here in NY.

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Thanks! Went back today & he tried to tell me the same thing. I told him about this blog & all the people that had ordered.... "Oh yea... We can order one for you"! Ordered my white TH with leather & a hitch. Now we'll see how long it will take to get it! Lol
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