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Just spent 5 hours taking my rear end apart trying to install a rear view camera. In the end didn't add a single item, not even a wire.

I took the inside left trim off as far as the back seat.
Removed all all screws etc from the whole bumper but didn't actually remove it as that would mean taillight and tail panel removal and I'd already lost 6 green clips from the side fenders (where do I get these BTW)

I found the reversing wire in pic below BUT its 'outside' the car and I can't see a way to get a tapped wire 'inside' in car.

I haven't even thought about the actual camera wire run yet (placed between number plate lights)as it's pointless unless I can get power 'inside'.

Now I can see a loom of wires disappearing into a big grommet apparently heading outside behind the reversing light. (Second image) However the space from the fuse box to this grommet is very tight and if the reversing wire is in that bunch I've no idea how to find it. Would the colour be the same as outside (green/blueish).
Plus to get 2 hand working in here I would need to fully remove the rear left trim which as far as I can see means taking the back seat-back out at the least. Seems like WAY overkill to tap a wire I can already 'see'.

Anybody manage to tap this reversing wire yet and get power inside.?
Is there any other place I can get to the wire before it goes outside.?

I have a box of grommets but I really don't want want to go drilling holes unless somebody recommends a good handy place.

I know Badger did a 'pretend' reversing camera but he cheated and did not' use this wire.

Anyway thanks

Power is in the green/blueish wire

Wire Loom
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