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Anyone Clean Their Renegade's Engine Compartment?

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Has anyone cleaned or had their engine compartment cleaned on their Renegade? Mine has about 3 years of road grime on the surfaces that I would like to get cleaned. I am currently living in an apartment and don't have the facilities to do it. I am thinking of getting it done at a detailer. My question is, if you had it done or did it yourself did the Renegade come through the procedure ok? Any electrical problems or broken pieces after the cleaning. The main reason I am asking is that it seems most detailers will have you sign a liability waiver for cleaning the engine compartment. Any thoughts or comments are appreciated.
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With all the electrics now under there I would hesitate to even get an engine bay steam cleaned now.
And definitely not pressure washed.

I just use a Meguiar's QuikDetailer on the upper painted surfaces, under the "hood", cross member etc.
Clean and re-grease the catches.
Wipe the rubber seals with silicone grease and wipe down the plastic engine cover, battery etc with a QuikDetailer damp cloth.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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