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Anyone have issues with Mobil 1 oil filter on the 2.4?

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I've been changing my own oil for > 30 years but have had two leaks around the oil filter when I use the 113A Mobil 1 oil filter. Ended up replacing with Fram filter (not my favorite). It almost looks like the seal doesn't quite cover up the opening.

Guess I should start using the OEM filters moving forward.
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Strange - never had any issues with a filter until now.
Yeah, only other brand Wally World had on a Sunday and other stores closed.
I think there is something wrong with the adapter that it sits in. Put a OEM filter on it and it leaks all the way around. One of the holes actually comes out to halfway under the rubber gasket - almost like it's bent.

Looked up the oil filter adapter and it doesn't look like this part number that pops up. 5048039AA
That's it, shot a picture of mine and it has the part number on it (although AA version). Any idea on degree of difficulty for replacement?
Thanks for the link. Guess I'll order the cooler after I see how difficult to access the coolant lines.
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