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So I'm relatively new to this forum and unfortunately my posters seem to be getting more and mor...well should I say less and less happy. I'm becoming very disillusioned with my Jeep renegade trailhawk it's 2016 and @ 60,000 mi it needed a new transmission; now I'm dealing with a dead battery and what appears to be common is the car is stuck in park so now I need another software correction based on what I'm reading here on this forum. Anyhow that's off top off topic. On topic every time I've gone to a Jeep dealer here in Los Angeles / San Fernando valley area. I have had to fight with the Service Manager to have some of my money refunded because they charged me for things they did not do fluids they did not change, etc. So when I hear take it to the dealer, I just don't want to! Why do I have to fight to have my car repaired correctly and pay an honest price for repairs that were actually performed? If I performed my job the way these dealership mechanics are doing their job; I would be homeless and hungry! I don't understand!!! I need an honest knowledgeable Jeep Service facility. I need one that can perform software upgrades and that won't charge fraudulent charges!! If anyone knows of one, please let me know I am blown away!!! I paid a pretty penny for this vehicle. Payments for a while longer, They should not be allowed to manufacture & distribute such a high priced item without warranty to cover at least 7 years for the problems we are dealing with here in our Renegade forum!!! Give us a break Jeep!!! Aren't we dealing with enough BS these days? Okay I feel better I vented but I really do need some help! I work far too hard for my money to be throwing it away on crap and that's what my little Renegade is turning out to be crap!!!
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