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Average Gas Mileage

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Hello all, I'm curious to see what your average gas mileage is. I have had my 2019 Renegade for almost 2 weeks and I'm at around 250 miles (I live 5 minutes from my job) and I'm getting 17.1 which is mostly short distances with a decent drive both ways on weekends. I understand the average car's "break in" period, but does this seem normal? It's EPA is 23 city and 26 combined which is where I hope to be. I guess my question is if it's normal to be almost 10 mpg off on a new car's fuel economy rating. I have had a Subaru Crosstrek and a Chevy Sonic and drove under the same conditions, short distances and mostly city and averaged around 24 mpg. Will I gradually see my average climb over time? Just seems very low to me even if it has only been a few weeks
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22 Limited, get between 25-28 mostly highway miles.
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