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Average Gas Mileage

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Hello all, I'm curious to see what your average gas mileage is. I have had my 2019 Renegade for almost 2 weeks and I'm at around 250 miles (I live 5 minutes from my job) and I'm getting 17.1 which is mostly short distances with a decent drive both ways on weekends. I understand the average car's "break in" period, but does this seem normal? It's EPA is 23 city and 26 combined which is where I hope to be. I guess my question is if it's normal to be almost 10 mpg off on a new car's fuel economy rating. I have had a Subaru Crosstrek and a Chevy Sonic and drove under the same conditions, short distances and mostly city and averaged around 24 mpg. Will I gradually see my average climb over time? Just seems very low to me even if it has only been a few weeks
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OK so I have only a few hours ago returned from the above mentioned trip and the pictures will show my cars fuel return. Included is the boat and trailer that I towed for my mate. The boats stats come in at around 950kg overall. Keep in mind the figures are UK mpg (converted to US is approx 40.3mpg)...
That's awesome mileage.
... If I think about towing I lose 2 mpg.
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