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Average Gas Mileage

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Hello all, I'm curious to see what your average gas mileage is. I have had my 2019 Renegade for almost 2 weeks and I'm at around 250 miles (I live 5 minutes from my job) and I'm getting 17.1 which is mostly short distances with a decent drive both ways on weekends. I understand the average car's "break in" period, but does this seem normal? It's EPA is 23 city and 26 combined which is where I hope to be. I guess my question is if it's normal to be almost 10 mpg off on a new car's fuel economy rating. I have had a Subaru Crosstrek and a Chevy Sonic and drove under the same conditions, short distances and mostly city and averaged around 24 mpg. Will I gradually see my average climb over time? Just seems very low to me even if it has only been a few weeks
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let me update you in a few days time as I have a 950 mile round trip to collect a boat. (should be fun)

I average I think it's 42mpg (previously posted) and thats me converted it from UK gallon to USA Gallon.

I expect to drop to around 37mpg on the return journey. (roughly 31 american mpg)
OK so I have only a few hours ago returned from the above mentioned trip and the pictures will show my cars fuel return. Included is the boat and trailer that I towed for my mate. The boats stats come in at around 950kg overall. Keep in mind the figures are UK mpg (converted to US is approx 40.3mpg) . Time is total travel time of the complete journey.

I do have the car "chipped" but not remapped I am sure we can agree that is a pretty good MPG overall.

Speed was variable from 70mph motorway to variable rush hour stop and start on Londons notorious M25 southern orbital. It was a car park at one point with 18 miles covered in 2 hrs.

Return journey after collecting the boat was a steady average of 55mph and no higher.

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The outward journey was averaging 48.6mpg over 520 miles but the combined average of the return 520 mile tow at 44.3mpg. :love:

Not bad figures IMO if asked when I compare to what I was getting with a remapped 2.0 Vauxhall Vectra that was towing my older boat that was only around 600kg including the trailer that returned are 32 mpg if I was facing downhill with a tail wind. :eek:
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I would love to have a diesel Renegade.
I would have thought the Renegade diesel 4x4 would be available in the USA. Very strange that a car company don't do my model. :oops:
It gets better for me and worse for you guys.

I only ever reset odometer 1 and yesterday when sitting outside the shops waiting for the wife I noticed that odometer 2 had some figures. Now I wish I taken a picture as the figures from just over 11,000 miles showed an average (UK)mpg of 48.9.

Why is it possible for my fuel consumption to be as low in comparison to your car in the USA?

  • Is there a difference in the grade of the diesel?
  • Are your engines only petrol driven?
  • Could your engine be enhanced a little?
  • Has anyone chipped or remapped their car?
  • Does very cold weather cause a rise in consumption inversely does a warm climate cause a drop in fuel consumption.
I am sure there will be many varied answers but what better place to explore them than on this awesome forum with so many knowledgeable Jeep owners.
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I think the official stated fuel consumption on Renegade's is crazy optimistic. I've had both a 1.4 petrol and 1.6 diesel and here in the UK, the real MPG for town driving / slow traffic is the urban figure minus about seven. For motorway driving, it's about 5 below the combined figure if you're doing 50-60mph.
DK search for a few of my posts regarding fuel consumption. In the post is a "chip" for £125 and it's a UK company.

I won't try to convince you as the evidence speaks for itself. I must be one of the lucky few with exceptional fuel economy. I drive the Renegade Longitude 2.0 4x4.

Also, we guys from the UK need to remember that a UK gallon is different from a USA Gallon. its the equivalent of 1.2 UK gallon to 1 USA gallon or 1/5th therefore if you get 40mpg they get 32mpg. ;)
I love this topic.

Keep in mind that a UK Litre is different from a US litre I believe and also that I work in gallons. (4.5 litres = 1 gallon)

2.0l Diesel 4x4 Longitude 2015.

I average around 52.1 miles per gallon over a normal run and that increases if I only use the motorway or dual carriageways.

@70mph on the motorway it increases to around 55 miles to the gallon and sometimes slightly higher.

If I use it locally I drop to around maybe 47 miles to the gallon.
Yeah, I knew it was one or the other.

At the end of the calculation there is still a difference from the UK and the US.
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