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So. My jeep affair is back! I sold of my 07 jk unlimited Sahara before I PCSed to germany. It was a sad day.

After coming back from Afghanistan I had an itch for a car that would do over 150 on the autobahn.. 2012 challenger srt8 was the solution... After multiple shipping problems back from germany to the states (thanks to a crappy new contractor IAL) I ordered a new 2015 srt 392.

After a year of happy ownership I decided I was tired of the high payment with lack of ability to open up all that potential power.

I first saw the renegade on a old army buddies face book. Did some research, and I was hooked.

I got a **** of a deal for a fully loaded trail hawk (invoice with 1k rebate). Reduced car payment 200 bucks and insurance about 50.

So far so great on 2 days of ownership. The back seat is alittle smaller than the challenger (my first child has to squeeze between two car seats) but it's managable.

I can't wait to start modding!


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