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BBM From Sacramento

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This being my first post here I recon that a brief introduction is in order, My name is Dwight, My forum name Barebuttminer is an nickname given to me by other miners and stems from my earlier years as a prospector & gold miner. I am 8 years retired from the telecommunications industry and living on a declining fixed income. I own a home in Elverta, CA and property in the gold fields 30 miles northeast of Nevada City, CA. I live in the mountains in the summer and the valley in the winter. My property in the mountains is very remote and only accessible with a 4 wheel-drive or ATV type vehicle, even when dry.
I’m not new to Jeep or Mopar. I have a 1965 Jeep Wagoner, my Mountain Cadillac, in the back yard and two Dodge Dakota 4x4s.
Overall I like the Renegade but I do have many questions or concerns about it before I make my final decision to buy one. I look forward to being able to discuses these questions and concerns on this forum.
Thank You for allowing me to join the forum.
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Welcome BBM to Jeep Renegade Forum.
Welcome BareButtMiner!!!!!!!!!!

I come from a family of hard rock miners with claims close to Yosemite. Spent most of my childhood up there..(close to Bondurant Mine.)

The Renegade may work out to be just what you need if it ever gets here!!!
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