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Beeping when braking to a stop.

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When I’m driving in traffic and come to a stop I personally put the car into neutral (manual gearbox) and then just press the brake to stop. When I do this the car beeps at me. I can only guess it wants me to keep the clutch down and in gear until I come to a stop.
Am I correct in thinking this, also how do I turn the beep off, if possible.

Any help/advise is much appreciated.
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"Hand brake on, gear lever in neutral." I can hear my driving instructor's voice to this day.

Jeep is touchey about running engines, handbrakes and seatbelts after the death of Anton Yelchin.
e.g It won't auto-release the handbrake if you've not buckled up.

I think you just need to find the right sequence
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