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So I paired my phone last night to the TH, a nexus 6 running lastest android, via bluetooth. Calls come in fine, audio comes in fine, all seemed great. Except I can not change songs from the 5.0 stereo or using the steering wheel buttons. I have to manually change songs from the phone everytime.

Has anyone else had this problem and know of a fix??

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This could be a concern that's caused by your phone, but there is a TSB (pasted below) that could be related to this as well; it involves a flash update for your radio. Additionally, you can check if there are any further updates you can apply at home to your Uconnect system here:

If these tips do not work and you have reached out to your mobile phone & service provider with no luck, you can try reaching out to Uconnect system support at 1-877-855-8400.

TSB 08-077-15 REV. A

RA4 RG4 RJ4 Radio Enhancement

This bulletin involves updating the radios software.

2015 (BU) Jeep Renegade

NOTE: This bulletin applies to vehicles within the following markets/countries: NAFTA and EMEA.

NOTE: This bulletin applies to vehicles built on or before **July 04, 2015 (MDH 0704XX)** equipped with one of the following radios:
• 6.5N AM/FM/SXM/HD/BT/NAV Radio (Sales Codes RA4).
• 6.5N AM/FM/SXM/HD/BT/NAV Radio (Sales Codes RJ4).
• 6.5N AM/FM/SXM/HD/BT/NAV Radio (Sales Codes RG4).

The customer may experience one or more of the following:
• **Travel Link soft key missing (U.S. only).**
• **Assist/911 may be disconnected after accessory timer, times out (U.S. only).**
• **Weather map now available for SXM (U.S. only).**
• **Cannot select different map displays.**
• **Point Of Interest (POI) cannot be added as waypoints.**
• **Conference calls may not display all active callers.**
• **Improve iPod response time, to start playing audio.**
• **Browsing knob inoperative after exiting Short Message Service (SMS).**
• **“Where Am I” feature inoperative while driving.**
• **When using iPod touch, the incorrect song name may be displayed.**
• **May not display Auto Park Brake menu, if equipped.**
• **Cannot create a new SMS, using phone numbers.**
• **Display the correct message, when in service mode.**
• **Personal setting lost after key cycle, dynamic guidelines and Show Time bar.**
• **False error message while in service brake mode.**
• Poor or no audio from the radio, also radio controls may not respond. On further inspection the technician my find DTC B223B-00 Vehicle Configuration Mismatch.
• The option to enable/disable the Auto Park Brake is missing in the radio. This symptom is for Trailhawk vehicles in the (Canadian market only).

• **Display Travel Link soft key on more of the display screens (U.S. only).**
• **Improve WiFi functionality (U.S. only).**
• **Display the correct media screen when using iPod touch.**
• **Improve screen layouts during media playback.**
• **Improved SMS screen displays.**
• **Correctly display speed lockout messages.**
• **Color improvements on navigation map.**
• **Improved chime warning volumes.**
• **Browsing improvements for Bluetooth audio.**
• **Improved conference call handling.**
• **Improved Voice Recognition (VR) commands for AM radio request.**
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