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Hi All,

I've been looking through the forums to find options for wheels and tires for my TH, and I see that changing the Bolt Pattern from 5x110 to something else opens up a lot of options.

My question is, does the Bolt Pattern Adapter also act as a spacer? Meaning if I decide to use an adapter, will my wheels be pushed out or will they sit flush how they would normally? I would think, logically, that it would be pushing the tires out at least the thickness of the adapter.

Default tire size is 215/65R17, but I wanted to switch to 215/70R16 to allow for more tire options. However, the bolt pattern 5x110 doesn't allow for many wheel options. So using an an adapter 5x110 to 5x114 allows for a lot more options. I'm just wondering if these adapters also give a space as well.

Anyways, any light that people can shine on this for me would be greatly appreciated.


Yes, wheel adapters also act as spacers. Your wheels will be pushed out by the thickness of the adapters. deduct the thickness in mm of the adapter from the offset of the wheels to get the effective offset once the new wheels are installed.
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