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Brakes grinding when in reverse

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I recently purchased a 2017 Jeep Renegade and on the carfax I can see that the rear brake pads only were replaced, doesn’t appear that the rotors were replaced. I called the dealership and they said a complete brake job was done. So now , first thing in the morning when my engine is still cold , my brakes are making a loud grinding noise when I am reversing. The dealership checked the brakes and couldn’t find an issue, they said this is normal. Has anyone else had a similar issue and how did it get resolved ?
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Yes, what raz-0 wrote. I assume the Renegade is parked outside? When it's raining?

I suppose a heavy dew could also cause rusting on the brake disks. In any case, it doesn't take much.

And, yes, the brake pads scrape the rust off almost immediately.

Though I haven't noticed it being worse in reverse... Maybe because of the wear pattern on the pads...?
Would there be a wear pattern on new pads?
I don't know. That was just conjecture since obviously the disks only rotate one direction (normally) against the pads, and it makes sense that there would be some directional wear or feathering of the softer pads. you're only hearing the noise when in reverse, when the disks would be turning against that feathering...

You said "grinding" -- I'd describe it more like a "sandpaper" noise. Quite noticeable until the rust gets scrubbed or wiped off by the pads, which is very quickly when the brakes are applied while moving, even slowly.

The noise disappears after a short while? Not because of warming up, but becuase of applying the brakes?

No one else I know with a renegade has this issue or has ever heard of this happening. I can’t help but feel like something is extremely wrong ?
If it's rust, it has nothing to do with a Renegade. it happens on all cars.

I agree with bwbike -- if your dealer couldn't find anything wrong, I'd trust that at least for now. By the time you drove it there, the rust had almost-certainly been scrubbed off.

Next time, the way to check is to look at the disks through the spokes of your wheels. Even a bit of rust (and it can form overnight) will show up as, well, rusty-brown streaks -- going concentrically around the disks.
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"Grinding" and rust being scrapped off the discs are two very different sounds to me. If it is a true grinding sound then I'd take it anywhere other than a dealer. It seems to me that dealer techs can't find a problem if their scanner isn't reading an error code.
Yeah, that's why I think we need a clarification of "grinding."

Jpfishe did say that the sound goes away after a time "once the car warms up." :unsure: So also what does that mean... How long? Are the brakes being applied in the meantime?

And again, a quick look at the brake disks before starting off would very-obviously show rust, if you know what you're looking for...

I'd hope your comment about a dealer not being able to check basic mechanical problems unless they do an electronic scan is exaggeration... but... :rolleyes:
Yes , it’s a true grinding sound.
The sound of rust scrubbing off really is frightening -- far worse than you'd think once you know what it is.

Oh... Does the noise only occur when you apply the brakes? And not when you're driving or coasting?

The sound is only heard after sitting in the rain.
Again, that's what makes us think it's just rust on the disks.

Next time after the Renegade is left out in the rain, take a peek at the disks...
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