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After several years of the broken sunroof function of the MySky, I’m pleased to say that it’s finally repaired, and all without assistance of a dealer.

About 3 days after purchase, the sunroof was resisting closing and ultimately broke a couple of the clips that are part of the mechanism. Went to the dealer to fix it but they were useless and didn’t know a thing about the roof. Ended up taking it back home and going to a different dealer who said the broken part could only be acquired by purchasing an entire new roof assembly for $1400. Definitely not. I tried fixing it with different remedies but all ultimately failed and I eventually gave up. Until recently when member @Gianni.cabe found the part on Aliexpress. Bought it immediately

After many hours of work with me and my father, I’m convinced we are the first to repair this common issue with the MySky, and I’m here to say that it is possible to fix.

As well as this, I’m positive I’ve found the root problem of the clips breaking. I think it’s a lack of lubrication on the rear tracks for the back of the roof panel, causing resistance and binding and ultimately enough stress to break the clips.

The process to fix the roof is thorough, so I’m not going to elaborate on how unless someone is curious. I check the forum daily so I wouldn’t keep anyone waiting on an answer. I mainly made this post to let people know that there is knowledge available now to fix the MySky and can ask me if they please.

Link to sunroof clips

Link to instructions on repair
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