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Pop off that plastic panel that's accessible when the door is open. Kind of a hassle to replace the filter. Good Luck.
That was polite....

I think the steps taken to replace a filter that supposed to be changed every 10,000 miles requires the most asinine, convoluted, poorly thought out procedure in ANY vehicle I've ever owned. And Jeep/Fiat has no plans on improving the procedures. I've also learned that it's prudent to slide cardboard under the old filter before pulling it out because any leaves, bugs, etc., on top of the filter will drop INTO your fan when the filter is pulled because the Jeep Genius decided to mount the filter horizontal instead of vertical.

In my other vehicles, I can change out the cabin air filter in seconds, with NO tools or panel removals.

I compare the cabin air filter change to this procedure (which thankfully does NOT exist):

To Replace Oil Filter:
1. Disconnect negative battery cable.
2. Remove bolts on transmission housing.
3. Remove motor mount bolts.
4. Using an engine lift, raise engine 6 inches being careful not to snag wiring.
5. Remove oil filter using special Jeep tool P/N 12345678.
6. Replace oil filter.
Reverse steps to complete oil filter change.

Extreme made up example ? Sure. Would it surprise me if Jeep had that in the manual ? Nope.
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