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I have a 2017 Jeep Renegade that has been riddled with problems since I bought it a year ago. I bought it used from a dealer here in Ocala, with less than 40,000 miles and was hoping it would be a really reliable car (I know nothing about cars). It has not been. It has a wonky transmission and has been slipping gears and jack-rabbit-ing in traffic since the beginning, almost causing an accident week one. My original dealer was zero help. It still is under a Jeep warrantee and I also have a separate dealer powertrain warrantee, but neither my dealer nor the local Jeep dealer were able to pull any kind of code or replicate the problems. I got tired of just having my car in the shop all the time, and the service people acting like I was overdramatic, so after a factory reset that improved the jerky transmission slightly (that I read about in these forums), I just continued to drive it and get regular service and oil changes and ignore the crappy jumping and kicking.

Awhile back my dealer's service dept. told me I needed to take it to Jeep to check an engine recall that was issued. The Jeep dealership here is horrendous. Literally the worst service department I've come across so far. They never do anything other than run 200$ diagnostics, regardless of the issue. I've found so much more information about how to trouble shoot by reading the posts in this forum than I have ever gotten from the their service department. At any rate, they found no problems with my engine oil, no leak at all, and sent me back on my way again. Their guy also accidentally stuck the battery backwards in my key fob and then had me buy a new one.

A few weeks ago my car started randomly shutting off after a road trip. When I tried to restart, the engine turned over and over. Low oil pressure usually blinked across the display when this happened. I was still way under the oil change time, but after several mid-intersection shut offs and another near accident, I finally got in with my dealer's service dept. and now they say they won't even work on it because it is completely out of engine oil, is overheating to the point of making the battery turn over endlessly, that it's leaking all over the inside somewhere, and that all of this is an issue for Jeep. Because the Jeep warrantee trumps their warrantee, now I have to go back to the Jeep dealership and let them deal with it. The same place that always says there is no problem. I'm frustrated to tears honestly.

So I came back to this forum and I see that the engine recall and crazy oil consumption is, at least, not a totally uncommon problem, but how do I handle it? I'm tired of feeling unsafe in a car that I paid a lot of money for. I have 2 power train warrantees and thus far, no one has fixed anything. I contacted a lemon law attorney early on and they said it was too early for a case, and I only got more overwhelmed by the amount of documentation they told me I would have to gather. I work full time, and I need my vehicle to get there, so I can't just take it in to be serviced every time it acts up, which is how you build a lemon law case. Particularly when they just run more diagnostics and bill me for it and never find an issue. I'm calling the Jeep place tomorrow to make an appt to check the engine again, but I just wish I was better informed about how all of this is supposed to work.

Any suggestions or advice are so welcome. Sorry for the long post and also for my ignorance on all things automotive, but truly cars are not my forte. I'm really grateful for the threads and the knowledge in this forum because without them, I would have no idea ever what was going on, and be even more frustrated.

Oh yes... and also my seatbelt stopped working on the same road trip and my mechanic said something about a seatbelt recall as well. Is this really a thing?? This is a car out of a Steven King novel :(
I KNOW EXACTLY HOW YOU FEEL! My dealership is run by idiots...I discovered the problems, they nixed fixing them...anyway, I just found out that they have a recall on nearly everything, so am working on that problem with the lights blowing up my screen was a tiny little MOUSE NEST WITH BABY MICE ON THE RADIATOR!...i STOPPED IN to Take 5 oil changing place (you would love that stay in your jeep and three or more techs are running around you doing the oil, washing my windows, changing my filters, and giving me advice!!! I was out of there in 15 minutes!!) being from a well informed family lawyers, I can tell you your lawyer can do better than what he DIDN'T do for you! lol...just saying, I am going today to do that research on RECALLS on the Jeep Renegades! maybe should try that Jeep is a 2016 Limited...good luck...Deejeeber
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