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Canadian Owners Please Reply

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OK I have had my car for a month now and thought I would get something from Jeep Canada if only a letter. Apparently our US friends are getting keychains and information packets. Do we have to register for this or something. You would think when you buy the car and the dealer registers you for warranty Jeep Canada would contact you. Please reply if you received anything and how long it took.
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I got a book/pamphlet info thingy in the mail about a month after buying.... I tossed it though... it wasnt anything I didnt already know.

Your typical new car booklet crap... oh it seems all cool in the beginning but that wears off lol...

as for a keychain, no. I did not get one. Not that I would use it, the Keyfob is ridiculously big as it is, I dont need anymore stuff on my keys lol...

The dealership gave me swag though, a coffee thermos and a hat... meh... lol
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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