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Can't fuel up at the gas station (Renegade)

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I have a 2017 Renegade (15000 miles), and can't fuel up at the gas station. The problem developed about 14000 miles. I have posted a video of the problem on Jeeps Facebook page. The fuel nozzle shuts off immediately after squeezing it. I have tried different angles and positions to make it work (still a flaw regardless of finding a work-around). If I find a reduced/variable pressure nozzle it sometimes works (takes 10-15 minutes to fill up, but this means I can't travel anywhere based on the concerns that I won't find that nozzle again while en route. My Renegade is still under warranty and I currently have a case number open with Jeep (35023324, reference if you have the same issues). They do not currently have a fix action yet. They have replaced the gas tank and the fuel fill line. From my knowledge, this is a design flaw and has occurred in other years and other vehicle types based on my own research since 2015. My case is more extreme than most I have found with similar problems. I have been told by a dealership that this problem is not fixable but, I do not agree and neither does Jeep. I have narrowed the fix action to a few options: the vent line is blocked (unlikely); the charcoal canister is not properly venting gas fumes and is causing back pressure and needs to be replaced or is leaking charcoal and blocking venting in the T line or what is causing back pressure (maybe); the roll over valve has a design flaw and is causing problems with the fill process (very likely).

Based on what knowledge I have, if you removed the roll over valve, the problem goes away. I have found many people who fixed this re-occurring problem by doing just that from my own research. Removing a safety feature can void the warranty, so I can't do this without a dealership performing this action. The charcoal canister is used to vent fums from the tank back into the engine. The vent from the tank will T from the tank with the other vent going to your fill valve in a separate line. One person suggested jumping on the bumper hard to bounce the vehicle enough clears the roller so that you can fill the tank and surprisingly it does work (temporarily), but you have to do it every time you need to fill up. It will still shut off during the fill process and you need to jump on it again when it locks up. I refuse to look like a monkey jumping up and down on my bumper for the rest of my time with this vehicle.

I would not recommend this vehicle to anyone. My only regret is that my wife didn't let me research this vehicle before buying it. Don't get me wrong it is fun to drive, but not worth the hassle required to keep it running.

There has been a lot of frustration that I have seen and I wanted to try and be at least somewhat detailed. Please let me know if you found a better fix action to this problem that doesn't involve removing a safety feature. Also please let me know if you are experiencing the same issues or have any different theories. I will update on how the dealership will try to fix this problem.
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If it was ok for 14000 miles I don't understand why the dealer said it is not fixable. Something had to have broken down somewhere. Maybe you need to see a better dealer. My Renegade has 60000 miles and I have never had a problem filling it up. I have found the biggest problem the Renegades have is their dealer network.
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Just purchased a certified pre-owned 2018 with 6K miles on it, went to fuel up yesterday and the pump kept shutting off. I was finally able to find the sweet spot and just barely press the handle stopping every few seconds to give the fuel time to run down into the tank, you can clearly hear the fuel backing up to the cap and it overflowed once when it had only 2 gallons on a basically empty tank. Hoping my limited warranty covers whatever it may be.
Welcome to the forum. Definitely have it checked out, this problem has been mentioned a number of times over the years in the forums. Keep us posted.
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