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So, I'm used to being able to carry additional items outside my vehicle. On my past vehicle this was done with a hitch + a bike rack or rear cargo rack; however, I'm, holding off a bit to see if the factory hitch will be available for my vehicle (2WD Lattitude) even though I've read places that only the Trailhawks will have that option.

I was planning on carrying items on the roof now that my vehicle has the racks, but I know very little about this. I thought I could just buy a cargo bag and tie it down to the siderails; however, it seems I may need to get crossbars. According to the owners manual, I should only use crossbars as well. I was thinking I'd be out $100 for the bag, but now adding crossbars would make it closer to $500. I may have to look into DIY options as this is only something that would get used every once and a while.

Any suggestions or advise regarding roof racks and cargo bags would be greatly appreciated.

Other Items I plan to purchase:
- Premium Carpet Floor Mats Black 4pc Set w/Logo Because mine didn't even come with stock mats, just some that kind of fit
- Rubber Cargo Liner Tray with Jeep Logo Because it makes more sense
- Roadside Safety Kits / (Spare Tire Kit) Because I could use a spare on long trips and the repair kit might not cut it.
- Jeep Renegade Rear Cargo Net 2 Piece Set There might be other/better options
- Mall Rated Decal - Since I didn't go 4x4 it seems appropriate.
- Hood Decal and then my Renegade would look just like this smiley
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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