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Cherokee KL 9 Speed Trans Review & Feedback

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Being the Renegade will share the same 9 speed transmission as the 2014 Cherokee KL, lets collect experiences and information here. The 9 speed had alot of growing pains early, are they gone? Will the 2.4L Renegade engine be eaiser for the 9 speed to handle than the 3.2L Cherokee engine?
What other information can we assume?

To start this thread off I've asked woodythompson1 to give us his feedback since he owns a 2014 Cherokee KL with a 9 speed transmission.

How has it performed from day one?
Have you had to have the software reflashed?
How are the shifts, is it erratic or smooth?
Does it feel or sound like a CVT trans, always winding up the engine to higher RPMs before shifts?
Will you buy another 9 speed in your Renegade?
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Good thread, looking forward to what woody has to say along with any other Cherokee owners that will have their say in this.
I find driving the KL to be very smooth insofar as describing the brand new 9 speed layout.
Average MPG's are around 20 with the V6 model.
My KL may have been re-flashed before picking it up since I haven't been called to come in or witnessed any problems.
More or less the interior is very quite unless you are flooring the poor thing.
good to hear the interior is quiet
that's something i do look for in a commuter, it helps to have your car as your getaway from the noise and all that comes with a big city.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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