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Hi everybody. About 20 days ago I went to' te jeep camp Italia, an official off road meeting set near te Varano de Melegari circuit. I su ed tenere for tre last ti è ma 2003 jeep cherokee (liberty in US) bifore selling it to a colse friend.
There I had a 10 minutes Renegade test drive as a passanger with a professional off road driver. The difference with my beloved Liberty Washington outstanding.
Offroading in the liberty si like Beeing in a shaker compared to te comfort of offroading in the renegade. The 140 cv Diesel Was very aggressive and te car could pass any obstacles that I menaged to pass before in my godo old Liberty.
I tested also the new cherokee. It Was also good in offroading but it as similar inner space and boot compared ti Thiene renegade thai is 40cm shorter.

I Was so well impressed that Saturday I bought a Renegade Trailhawk in Omaha Orange. Of course it si equipped with the only engine and transmission available in italy (2.0 multijet, 170cv, automatic). I put every optional available on the car except for the Mysky or Sun roof and the lane departure plus.

The optionals are leather, navi, xenon, function and visibility packages, black roof and some minor things.

The final price including 10%discount and taxes is 34500 euros.. Quite expansive, but I paid my loved Liberty Limited (full optional) 30800 euros 12 years ago. The Renegade interior spiace si quite the same, except for the boot that is much smaller (bigger than in any other b suv) and the CAR si much more equipped.

I'll get my Renegade in late november.. I'll share my impressions with the forum.

Sorry for my bad english (the iPad is also adding a lot of mistakes turning english word spinto italian :)

Ciao a tutti!
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