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Looking into a Limited vs Trailhawk. I locked down a budget and found 1 of each that meet my criteria (Trailhawks are still hard to find). Both are roughly same price (Limited $500 more).

Main differences that I could use some advice on:

-TH has uconnect 5.0, Limited has uconnect 6.5. Anyone have experience with both? Not having navigation doesn't bother me. More concerned of screen size and quality of 5.0 screen vs 6.5. How is back up camera on the 5.0

-TH has premium cloth seats, Limited has leather. I try to stay away from leather anything these days for humane reasons and I can get heated seats in the cloth. How is the quality of the premium cloth? Is it comfortable vs leather, do cloth seats stain easy, hard/easy to clean?

-This will be my daily driver. Is there a difference between road driving on TH vs Limited? I will be taking a few longer trips in this.

-Also, does the rear view camera have audible sensors? My current car doesn't have the camera, but has sensors which I actually prefer.

Requirements (both have all of these):
-Remote Start
-Heated Seats
-Bluetooth Connectivity for Phone
-Dual Zone Temp Control / AC
-Back Up Camera
-Push Button Start (not required, but nice to have)

Pros of Limited I'm looking at:
-6.5/nav Radio
-Leather Seats
-Blind Spot Detection

Pros of TrailHawk I'm looking at:
-Full size spare
-9 speaker upgrade
-red/black interior
-Off Road capability
-Omaha Orange

I don't really off-road, but work at place with a lot of dirt / bumpy roads which either can handle. I do live in Southern Utah and do plan on going to places like Grand Canyon, etc so I *may* take advantage of the off-road a little. This will be my daily driver replacing my 2012 Ford Focus that has been great, but need some upgrades (4wd, heated seats, remote start, etc).

To me it's a toss up, but the Trailhawk is sexier, just have to make sure the 5.0 radio and premium cloth seats are not significant downgrades.

Thanks for any advice!

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That's what I wonder. I have a 2012 Ford Focus with 8" touch screen. It doesnt' have rear view camera, but I don't know if I'm taking a step back by going with the 5.0

Does the 5.0 and 6.5 have the same UConnect interface? We have a 2015 Grand Cherokee so I'm familiar with that layout, not sure if they're the sam.e

The 5.0 camera works great but does not have audible sensors. It displays in monochrome most of the time, but when you are playing from a device, it shows album art in color. I find the screen quality great, but then again my last car was a '99 and so I have low standards for technology.
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