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I like the Trailhawk cloth seats a lot. Never cared for the feel of leather seats.

The 5.0 is a good unit. Paired with the 9-speaker system provides good sound (for a stock unit). My other car has the 8.4 unit but other than the Dodge performance pages (not available on the Jeep), there isn't anything missing really on the 5.0. The backup camera works fabulously, and just as good as it does with the 8.4. I have to assume the 6.5 doesn't provide any better backup view than the 5.0.

The 6.5 does offer some features that the 5.0 does not. But the 8.4 offers more with apps you can download, but I never use those anyway. Personally I like the look of the 5.0 better than the 6.5 in the Renegade.

I like the overall look (facias, badges, tow hooks) of the Trailhawk better than the other three trims and one of the reasons I have one. I originally wanted a Lattitude with a manual transmission.

Good luck with your decision.
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