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Considering Renegade …

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Loved my 2000 Jeep Cherokee, grieving after collision last week (rear-ended, Jeep totalled — solid frame saved my life). Wasn’t ready to shop for a new vehicle, but now I have no choice. Main concern is being able to fit three dog crates for my canine family. Is the Renegade a good choice, friends?
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I'm just saying that if mctallerico has three dog crates, she really should do some careful measuring -- particularly if she wants to keep the rear seat backs upright...
Exactly. She should start her new car search with the brand she wants and then the model that will fit her measurements. Good pic Marek.
* sigh * Unfortunately, mctallerico hasn't been seen on the Forum since writing her OP post over a week ago...
I've learned trolling is the biggest reason why any car group will literally block you from entering their inner circle..
Posting once-and-done is the best way of getting shunned by any group.
I wasn't suspecting her of trolling.
No, you're good Marek. Didn't think that. Just a pet peeve when someone posts and never checks back.
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