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Considering selling... thoughts?

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Hey all!

My clutch starting slipping on my 2015 Renegade Latitude (1.4L turbo w/ manual tranny), so I dropped her off at my mechanic to have it replaced... she also needed new brake pads and rotors. Fast forward to him calling me to say "This is looking like a nightmare." He couldn't find any aftermarket options for replacement parts needed, and he said the parts were so far into backorder that they didn't even have an ETA. Not to mention that they were going to cost $4000! And he said that that price didn't even include all the parts he needed. Additionally the starter is going bad (it's been making a strange sound on ignition for a while and occasionally struggles to start up), the one axel seal is leaking, it's losing coolant from somewhere... but besides that, it's in good shape!

I just changed the oil and had brand-new all-season tires put on it, and it's at just under 60,000 miles. My wife and I are travelling a lot right now, and we really need reliability and as few surprises as possible. I know no car is going to be completely surprise-free, but it seems like there are more nasty surprises lurking in the near future for this car. We're also hitting the road again in early January, so we don't have time to wait around for lengthy shipment times and repairs.

All this to say: our current thought is to sell the Renegade šŸ˜¢ With the year and mileage in mind, what do y'all think would be a fair asking price? (Also... anyone interested? We're in central Pennsylvania and willing to drive to you if you want to make me an offer! lol)
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